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Most Bible Stories are not just “stories”. They are often filled with meaning and in many cases, foretell what would happen to the Messiah when he came.

Jonah the Prophet and the Goodness of God

There are two Old Testament prophetical books whose message is specifically about one ancient city. They are Jonah and Nahum. Their words were directed against Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire. We could say that the story of Jonah is about the goodness of God, while the message of Nahum is about His severity. […]

The Book of Esther – A Story of Courage and Faith

The Book of Esther is well known among the Jewish people. In fact, it is read by them every year during the Feast of Purim and has become to them a story of national pride. But it is also a wonderful story of courage and faith. The Book of Esther is also rich in types […]

Jezebel in the Bible and the Lessons She Teaches Us

If ever there was an example of how one woman’s influence can make or break a man then Jezebel in the Bible would have to be it. She was originally a Sidonian princess who married King Ahab of Israel and became the infamous nemesis of Elijah the prophet. Jezebel was one of those strong personalities […]

Abraham and Isaac – A Pattern of Things to Come

Did you know that the Genesis story of Abraham and Isaac is one of the outstanding internal proofs that the Bible has been given to us by God? It is well established that this story was in the hands of the Jews long before the time of Jesus Christ – and yet it contains undeniable […]

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