Have You Considered My Servant Job?

If we were to summarize the overall force and power of the Book of Job, it would be with this phrase: “Prepare to meet thy God”. That’s exactly what we’re about to do, through the eyes of one of the greatest men that ever walked the face of this earth – the man of whom […]

Isaiah 55 Commentary

Isaiah 55 is one of those monumental chapters in the bible. In his typical majestic style, Isaiah the prophet calls upon anyone who is thirsty to “come and drink” from the waters that God provides. He looks upon a people who were so preoccupied with going about their daily business that they had no time […]

Seven Days of Creation

The Amazing Structure in the Seven Days of Creation Almost anyone who’s familiar with the Bible would know the story of the seven days of creation in the first chapter of Genesis. The Bible begins with the words: “In the beginning, God created”. What follows is the story of seven “evenings and mornings” which marked […]

Merciful, Gracious, Longsuffering

Three thousand years ago at Mt Sinai, the God of Israel had been highly insulted! After all He had done for Israel; the great signs and wonders He had displayed before their eyes as clear evidence that He alone was God, they made a golden calf and ascribed the power that brought them out of […]