Bible Exposition

When we speak of Bible Exposition, we are looking to explain and expound the sense of a passage of Scripture. It might be a chapter of the Bible, or just a few verses, even a whole book of the Bible – either way, the general idea is to enter into the writer’s mind as much as possible and provide the sense as best we can, of what was really intended.

It might be simply a matter of picking up the flow of thought in its context, in a way that has a bearing on the meaning of some verses.

It could involve getting into the sense of the original Hebrew or Greek language in which the Biblical scripts were written, so that we can get a more accurate sense of the meaning of words. This can be subjective though. We believe the context is usually a better reference point than the possible meanings of ancient words.

It may involve linking the words in a passage to other places in Scripture where similar ideas are mentioned. The passage where our bible exposition is focused may be either drawing its language from another Biblical source by way of illusion, or expanding upon and explaining it, such as the Book of Hebrews does about a number of Old Testament matters.

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Below, you will find links to a number of articles which we have categorised under the general heading of “Bible Exposition”. Although we would say that bible prophecy is also bible exposition, we have included anything related to the prophetical scriptures under a separate category. The same goes for Bible principles, where the focus is more on moral matters and related themes than on expounding passages.

So please take a look at our Bible Exposition articles below and select any that are of interest to you. Feel free to leave comments and opinions in the feedback area – we would love to hear from you.

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